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Introducing Délivré™ – Discovered With Science. Delivered By Nature.

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Natural Skin Care

Welcome to Délivré™… a breakthrough in the pursuit of healthy, radiant skin. Our revolutionary line of skin care products will change your skin from the inside out, with our exclusive blend of certified organic ingredients. Botanicals rich with minerals, proteins and essential oils are delivered deep into your skin’s cells by the natural compound Polyfulmate™. Polyfulmate has the unique ability to transport active nutrients and other ingredients to living cells to balance the cells’ pH and health, causing cells to regenerate and remain healthy even in a harsh environment.

Délivré™ currently offers a Daily Nourishing Moisturizer and a Lip Balm. Youth Serum For The Eyes; For Women: Facial Wash, Body Wash & Body Lotion; For Men: Hand Lotion are coming soon.

The name “Délivré™” is derived from the French word for “to deliver”. “Délivré™” also characterizes the action of our product: It delivers nutrients, vitamins, essential oils and pH balance to the roots at the cellular level; it also delivers on the results the customers expects when buying our product. In French, Délivré™ can mean to set free, to emancipate; a wonderful interpretation of the name we have chosen. It will set the user free from the effects of aging skin, dry skin, improper pH balance, and other skin-related woes.

Natural Ingredients

Délivré™ has been doing lab research on the material now known as Polyfulmate™ since 1998. Délivré™ launched as a consumer brand in 2012.

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Due to the supply chain constraints we are temporarily out of necessary ingredients to make our product. We apologize for this inconvenience and will notify you if you leave your email when product is available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.