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What is Polyfulmate®?

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Many people ask us what is Polyfulmate® and why is it in all our products at Delivre? Here’s a brief overview of this amazing all natural nutrient: Polyfulmate® is a Fulvic Acid derived from ancient Earth’s soil. It contains all the essential oils, minerals and vitamins you need for your skin. We have perfected this ingredient Read More →

Délivré Supports The Fight Against Prostate Cancer!

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Délivré Skin is dedicated to the pursuit of good health. In that spirit, we are using the power of Polyfulmate to help find a cure for cancer. Délivré will donate fifty cents of every dollar received from all sales through December 10, 2013 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.     Firmly committed to curing prostate Read More →

What is Polyfulmate™?

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Délivré™ products are powered by a revolutionary ingredient called Polyfulmate™. This naturally occurring organic substance is the molecular equivalent of a buried treasure for skin care. Polyfulmate™ is a naturally occurring organic material formed from prehistoric botanicals many millions of years ago. The unique structure and composition of Polyfulmate™ make it better at transporting nutrients into living cells than man-made materials.