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Hydrating recovery cream

Hydrating recovery cream – $85

The consequence of medical treatments such as Chemotherapy or Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) can have devastating effects on the largest organ in the body; the skin. Such treatments often distort the natural pH balance of the skin, its elasticity, and suppleness, and nothing seems to help until now. Délivré’s Daily Hydrating Recovery Cream is light and absorbs quickly into damaged or dehydrated skin moisturizing and restoring proper pH balance. Regularly used Daily Hydrating Recovery Cream moisturizes the skin combating the side effects of harsh medical treatments. Our magic is Polyfulmate, a unique and powerful fulvic acid which allows our moisturizer to deeply penetrate the skin, hydrating from the inside out while equally moisturizing the top layer of the skin. With regular use the cream will reduce skin discoloration, enhance softness, relieve dryness and add a sense of normalcy to the aftermath of medical treatments.